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Legal notices and general conditions of the site Alex & Alex: Delivery of fruit baskets in companies


Legal notices

The website www.alexetalex.com is a publication of  FRUTELIS inc. FRUTELIS inc is a company registered at Régistaire Des Entreprises du Québec :

NEQ : 1168799865
VAT number : 1219809031TQ0001
No GST : 826642530RT0001

FRUTELIS inc is a subsidiary company of FRUTELIS SAS, company with 7 000,00 euros of capital registered at RCS of PARIS with number 531 715 613
intra-Community TVA : FR87531715613
The head office: 21 rue Joubert, 75009 Paris / France (“contact at alexetalex.com”)
Director of publication : Alexandre Ponthier
FRUTELIS inc is subject to Canadian law.

For any complaints regarding this site and / or its contents:
“contact at alexetalex.com”.

General sales conditions

A/ Case of order placed on the website www.alexetalex.com

All orders placed on the website will be charged for an amount corresponding to the amount of baskets or “breakfast formula” ordered for the first delivery, and this , to the current price on www.alexetalex.com. Delivery information(logistic details as address, floor, digital code…) will be approved by our team either by email or by cellphone before executing the delivery. An order is said “completed” when the user click on one of the button “send” of our website(an email confirmation will be then sent to the user). The billing will be made the day of the first delivery, which means that someone in the Alex & Alex tram, will come to the indicated address, or the day before delivery. The fruits baskets will be hand to the right customer or drop off at the office entry (same for the “breakfast formulas”) the rejection of the delivery not leading to the cancellation of the billing.

B/ Subscription case to our services

Outside case A/, the subscription service at the fruits delivery might be established in the conditions planned below.

The supplier : FRUTELIS company, société par actions simplifiées (SAS) or simplified joint-stock company, having its registered office at 21 rue Joubert 75009 Paris, registered with Registry of Commerce of Paris under number 531 715 613.
The Customer: Every person, physical or moral, willing to subscribe to a proposed offer by the Supplier.
The BOX: a fruit basket such as described in the documentation “Tariffs” available online to the address: www.alexetalex.com/entreprise.
The contract: These General and particular Conditions, the Order Form below and the document “Tariffs” constitute The Contract (below ” Contract “).

The presents service condition define the contractual relations between the Supplier and the Customer and this, that the Customer is professional or private individual.
The Supplier provides to the Customer a service for the fruits BOX defined in the Order Form,  from the date of effect of the Contract and at the delivery address which is indicated there.

The nature and conditions to perform the services provided by the supplier, are specified below:

2.1 Fruits delivery
The Supplier commits to provide the customer one or several BOX and assure a fruits delivery service. The deliveries are executed at the frequence and during the indicated days in the Order Form, or at every time mentioned in the Order Form note. In the event of day off, the delivery will be executed on the upcoming working day. The Customer authorizes this service and give to the Supplier the technical ways of access on the site in the usual conditions planned by the Customer  
2.2 Warranty « Satisfy or Redeliver »
The supplier commits to proceed if needed to substitute the delivered fruits if they are assessed damaged by the Customer. The Supplier commits to provide a computer helpline available via email allowing to alert this type of incidents. The customer beneficiates of a time limit of 24 hours from the delivery date to exercise this right.
2.3 BOX Replacement
The Supplier commits to replace the fruits display stands quarterly or every time if the Customers assess them damaged,under the condition that this display stands have been subject to a use and normal maintenance by the Customer. The replacements will be executed during Customer working hours and day, during the fruits deliveries. The Supplier stays the BOX owner.
2.4 Annual Report
The Supplier commits to transmit once a year a detailed report about Alex & Alex activities
2.5 Delivery withholding
The Customer can withhold the deliveries 4 weeks in the year by informing the Supplier by recommander mail at least 8 days before. The Supplier will emit then a one year valid credit.
2.6 Non included services in the Contract
The services which could be done on special order of the Customer will generate separated billings according to current tariff, among others : the “nutrition” training , “alimentation and the management of its health capital”, the premature BOX replacement due to a normal use and maintenance by the Customer… etc. The supplier retains the right to charge the Customer, the amount due to the title of “services off Contract”.


The contract is concluded with a 12 months  period commitment. At the end, it will be renewed by tacit renewal for 12 months successive periods, unless notice of termination by one the parties by Recommended Letter at least one month before expiration term.

4.1 – The contract can be cancelled by the Customer by registered mail. If the customer cancels during a contract commitment period, this one will have to settle fees remainders due until the term of the first 12 months. The due amounts immediately become due deduction made by the possible assets owe by the Supplier
4.2- By exception, a time limit of 14 days after signing the contract, the Customer can cancel the contract , without indemnity , with a prior notice of one week notified by registered  mail.
4.3- The contract can be cancelled by the Supplier, without indemnity, with a prior notice of 8 days in case of non payment of bills

5.1- The price of fruits delivery service is defined in the documentation “Tariffs” and may change
5.2- The bills can be payed at the latest 15 days after  the bill reception. The bills payment can me made by wire transfer or by check.